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Coin Rings tell a story. For instance, some coins went through periods of history that defined how countries evolved to what they are today. Additionally, some coins were special to someone long ago who passed them down generation to generation. In addition, some coins, such as the commemorative State Coin Collection, represent the state you're proud to call home.

Above all, whatever the story is, we turn that coin into a piece of jewelry that you're proud to wear and happy to share what it means to you when people ask about it. A beautiful ring that not only looks great but carries all the history with it. It's a conversation piece, a special token of importance you hold close to your heart something to remember a loved one by.

This is Coin Rings By Kai and we craft each ring with the utmost attention to detail and quality workmanship. Whatever coin appeals to you or represents something you hold dear, we will craft it into a wonderful piece of jewelry you can proudly wear and pass down to future generations. CoinRingByKai.com is the ultimate coin ring destination.

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Coin Ring Handmade In US

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All rings we make are hand crafted in Southern California with meticulous attention to detail and pride of workmanship. For instance, we hand select the best quality coins to ensure the details of the coin will not be lost in the forging process of the ring. The coins we work with are either .999 silver, .90 silver or clad coins and we offer a wide selection for both men and women. As a result, each finished ring we produce CoinRingByKai.com is of the utmost quality and we stand by our work.

When a ring is designed and forged, most of the coin is used in the making of the ring, however some parts of the coin can't be used. We do guarantee that the most important details of the coin, such as the year, signature phrases, symbols and certain textures are used and will appear on the inside or outside of the ring. Making rings out of coins is an art and we ensure every ring properly displays the most important properties of it's accompanying coin.

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The Coin’s Journey Continues…With You.


Michael H.

Verified Purchase

We used the rings you made for us to get married yesterday. Thank you love them!

Greg J.

Verified purchase

Great ring and awesome conversion piece. Kai is a great guy, I met him at the street fair in Old Town SD. Easy to talk to with no pressure to buy, and he is a Vet! Always happy to help and support our vets.

Jerry L.

Verified Purchase

l ordered this thinking I would receive a circulated Kennedy with multiple scratches and dings that didn’t have any use but to be turned into a ring. I was happily surprised to get a coin ring with very little wear. As for the craftsmanship there are no rough spots where the hole was formed and it fit to size.

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Our Coin Rings make wonderful gifts!  And we will happily package them up and ship them straight to the recipient. CoinRingByKai.com is your go-to Coin Ring shop!

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