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We work hard to provide you the best quality coin rings

Nestled in the shores of sunny Southern California, you will find Coin Rings by Kai.  As you may have guessed, our coin rings are all hand-crafted and hand selected by Founder & Designer, Kai.  Each coin ring starts with Kai finding the best quality coins from all over the world.  These coins are often extremely limited in quantity, and sometimes the quality shows the coins age.  But Kai never settles, he continues searching until he finds the right coin that will make the ring really shine. 

These coins are then carefully transformed into rings.  Kai is an experienced silversmith, and his meticulous attention to detail allows him retain all the important features of the coin, such as the year, location, and other emblems.

When you purchase a Coin Ring by Kai, you aren’t just purchasing a piece of jewelry.  You are carrying on the story and history of everything that coin stands for and everything it endured.

"When I am working with a coin from the late 1800's or early 1900's I often imagine the coin in an old settlers pocket or tossed up on the saloon bar for a shot of whisky and a bath."
- Kai
Coin Ring Handmade In US

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Our coin rings are made to order, so whenever you’re ready to purchase a beautiful, unique piece of history, head over to our online shop!

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