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This Large Canadian One cent Coin ring is fabricated from an authentic Canadian coin last minted in 1920. This coin ring is a beautiful choice for a unisex ring that you will be proud to wear. The large Canadian one cent coin is a beautiful tribute to Canadian history.


The large Canadian cents of 1858–1920 were significantly larger than modern one-cent coins. Therefore, they are even slightly larger than the modern 25¢ piece. Like all Canadian coins, the obverse depicts the reigning Canadian monarch at the time of issue. The reverse features on ornate wreath of maple leafs. Maple leafs are the official Canadian symbol.

These large cent coins were struck on the planchet of the British halfpenny. During the third quarter of the 19th century, pennies were issues sporadically. In order to match the size of the American penny, they reduced the coin size. Lastly, if you’d like to learn more about the coin, you can visit: https://www.coinsandcanada.com/coins-prices.php?coin=1-cent-1920&years=


Coin Weight:
5.67 g
Metal Content: Copper (95.5%),  Tin (3%), & Zinc (1.5%)
Circulation: Circulated
Available Sizes: 5 – 10

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Weight0.06 oz
Dimensions23 × 16 × 2.5 in
Ring Size

5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10


Aged (included), Polished (+$10)

11 reviews for Large Canadian One Cent Coin Ring

  1. Susan Froebel

    The pattern on the ring as delivered, when seen with the naked eye, can barely be seen. I expected to wow my friends with this ring, but they don’t notice a pattern on it. I didn’t see any antiquing on the background. The entire ring had a bright, shiny-new-penny finish inside and out.

    The ring is very sturdy, the legend on the inside can be easily read, and it is exactly the size I ordered. It is slightly curved (concave toward the finger; convex on the leafy side), but not enough curve to cause discomfort. Like all uncoated copper, it turns my skin dark (which washes off) and the inside already looks like an old penny due to oxidation after three days of wearing.

    Don’t expect the ring to match the picture when first delivered as there is no antiquing. HOWEVER, I just noticed the deeper portions of the outer part of the ring are starting to oxidize, too. The leaves are becoming much more easy to see on one section. In time the whole ring will probably appear as in the vendor picture, with wear keeping the raised sections bright. As I said earlier, I’ve only had it three days. I look forward to many years of enjoyment.

  2. LMJC

    Love it. Exactly as advertised

  3. C Yang

    Great item! I was lucky enough to purchase one while visiting in San Diego. Truly such a cool piece. I drove from LA to SD to find this ring again.

  4. Natalie Liu

    First time buying from this shop. I was very happy with the ring I received. It is a solid piece and fit perfectly to my ring size. Will definitely be a return customer.

  5. Justin Little

    This is my new favourite ring. I’m very happy with my purchase and won’t hesitate to buy next time. The seller was very easy to message with as well.

  6. Benjamin Livingston

    Item is actually really intricate and looks amazing! Shipping did not take all that long. More power to the seller.

  7. Olivia Lloyd

    The design is original and the creator very responsive, that’s really a good point. Awesome ring!

  8. Charlotte Long

    This is so much more beautiful than I expected. I wear it everyday. I’ll probably wear it out and rub all the finish off but that means it is much loved.

  9. Christopher Lopez

    I had an issue with it arriving, but they were more than helpful and provided great customer service! Highly recommend this seller.

  10. Zachary Lowe

    Absolutely love this piece. I’ve worn it nonstop since it arrived. Happy customer here.

  11. Isabella Love

    Overall quality and shipping were very nice. Will order again.

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