Our Forging Process


Coin Inspection

At Coin Ring By Kai, we hand select each coin based on its rarity, condition, clarity of detail and backstory.  We ensure that the physical condition of the ring meets our high quality standards to ensure you get a beautiful ring with sharp detail.


Creating the Hole

After inspection and the ring is approved into production, a hole is punched through the center of the coin using an arbor press.

How To Make a Coin Ring
How To Make a Coin Ring


Annealing & Quenching 

After the hole is punched and the inside edge is throughly cleaned, the early stage ring then goes through the annealing process.  Annealing is a process of applying extreme heat to reduce hardness.  The ring is then quenched (rapid cooling) which locks in the metal’s altered state of elasticity to allow the ring to be formed.


Shaping into a Ring

After the ring is sized it is put into the ring stretcher machine.  The machine slightly stretches the metal coin to form a ring while preserving most of the detail of the original coin.

How To Make a Coin Ring
How To Make a Coin Ring



Using a dremel, steel wool and a sanding block, the ring is buffed to move any residual material and to do a final smoothing of any rough edges.  Metal polish is then applies and buffed out using a dremel and a soft dry cloth.  Your ring is done!

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